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        ProduceIQ: Hot markets during cold temps

        - Analysis
        Customers that didn’t build inventory going into the holidays now need to replenish quickly. In a regular year, produce markets typically fall the first week of January.

        Q&A: American Blueberry Growers Alliance

        - Analysis
        In December 2020, U.S. growers responded to rising blueberry imports by forming the American Blueberry Growers Alliance. The Produce Reporter interviewed Jerome Crosby, Georgia blueberry farmer and chairman of the Alliance’s executive committee.

        VIDEO: Consumer demand shows holiday blues

        - Analysis
        Consumer demand at retail is down from normally high levels, and foodservice demand is at record lows with many locations forbidden from opening to customers.

        Labor Outlook: H-2A, machines, and imports

        - Analysis
        What’s the outlook on farm labor? In a recent interview, Philip L. Martin, a professor at the University of California at Davis and one of the nation’s leading experts, made three major points.

        Roger Pepperl’s wisdom on raising consumption

        - Analysis
        In addition to his job selling fresh produce first in retail and then in the Northwest, Roger Pepperl has been a champion of raising produce consumption his whole career.

        Workers’ Rights: Treat them with respect and dignity

        - Analysis
        There is no single box to check for corporate social responsibility. It’s not a simple and quick solution. It’s a commitment to doing what is right and making continuous improvements by constantly engaging your employees.

        Colombian avocados debut in U.S.

        - Analysis
        Long a familiar feature in European supermarkets, Colombian avocados are coming to the United States. A new industry organization, the Colombia Avocado Board, has been formed to promote the fruit in this nation.

        Trade association leadership evolves

        - Produce Blueprints
        National trade associations have historically played a critical and influential role in the produce industry.

        ProduceIQ: Markets stabilize, brace for new restaurant restrictions

        - Analysis
        Fresh produce market prices improved mid-week as expected. The post-Thanksgiving slowdown lasted the typical ten days, and prices improved after storage coolers were emptied again.

        Bust-Outs: Fraud in the produce industry

        - Analysis
        Acts of fraud are in every industry, even produce. But you can protect your business.