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        Shopper Insights 2020: Creative ways to influence new item trial

        In this week’s analysis of shopper trends, we found that family and friend influence was the top driver for a new product trial, according to our survey respondents.

        There are ways to reach these friends and family, and we just have to look at some other industries, says Karen Nardozza, President/CEO of Moxxy Marketing.

        Marketers can create incentives to share and give discounts.

        “I think there are a lot of creative ways for produce brands and retailers to encourage that sharing,” she said.

        The next most popular way survey respondents say are using recipes, websites, and blogs as their inspiration to try something new.

        Nardozza said here’s where produce marketers’ investment in high quality photography and video will pay off.

        Moxxy Marketing BB #:341508 commissioned Shopper Insights 2020: Consumer Trends, Shopping Behaviors and Marketing Opportunities, a survey of 2,000 American produce consumers conducted in August and analyzed by Category Partners. In a partnership with Blue Book Services, Moxxy plans to present these findings over the next several months.